Mount Gay

Black Barrel

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Mount Gay Black Barrel is an authentic small batch handcrafted rum, for those who recognise and appreciate the nicest things in life. Handcrafted the same way, it was made 310 years ago on the same Estate, for a unique taste that has stood the test of time. It is made from a high proportion of pot still rums and aged in toasted Bourbon oak barrels for bold complex flavours. 2x2 Process: Double pot distillation and double barrel aged & finished. Maturity: Small batch of handcrafted rums aged and blended under the direction of Mount Gay Master Blender Allen Smith who seeks for a maturation profile of two to seven years. “The rum is ready when it’s ready, not before.” Appearance: A rich, luminescent amber.
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  • Product Specific Branding
    Black Barrel
  • Brand Vendor
  • Country Of Origin
  • Flavour
  • Alcohol By Volume
  • Liquor Colour
  • How to Enjoy
    Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks to bring out flavours.
  • Tasting Notes (Nose)
    A well-balanced aromatic spirit with great intensity. Spicy and sweet with notes of toasted wood, fruit, oaky vanilla and hints of sweet caramel.
  • Tasting Notes (Palate)
    Full-bodied and round, bold and complex. Notes of pepper, spice, and wood. An indisputably smooth taste due to its double pot distillation process.
  • Tasting Notes (Body)
    Full-bodied and round, bold and complex.
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