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Coffee Liqueur Mexico 1L

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Born in Veracruz, Mexico in 1936, Kahlúa comes steeped in history, with a rich and colorful heritage. Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and rum, Kahlúa coffee liqueur is one of the main ingredients in many of the world’s favorite cocktails. From the White Russian, Black Russian and Mudslide, to the cocktail du jour... the Espresso Martini! Plus many more classics, old and new. Brunch, lunch, evening drinks, or whenever—Kahlúa helps turn the average into the extraordinary (and any coffee into a delicious coffee cocktail). That’s probably why it remains the world’s #1 coffee liqueur.
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    Coffee Liqueur Mexico
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    Originating in Mexico in 1936, Kahlúa is a coffee liqueur loved all around the world. Used in a range of different drinks—from coffees to cocktails—it goes hand in hand with many occasions. Classic cocktails, like the White Russian, Espresso Martini and Black Russian just wouldn’t be the same without it.
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    Kahlua Original is the hero ingredient in many cult cocktails and drinks, to name a few: White Russian, Espresso Martini, Mind Eraser. It will turn the average evening into a fun and different social highlight. Espresso Martini ingredients: • 1 part Kahlúa • 1 part Absolut vodka • 1 part Espresso • Plenty of ice How to mix: • Add all ingredients and ice into a shaker. • Shake for 15 - 20 seconds, for that velvety foam. • Strain into a martini or cocktail glass. • Garnish with 3 coffee beans, for good luck.
  • Tasting Notes (Nose)
    A complex mixture of sweet toffee, butter rum and caramel, complemented with aromas of vanilla and dark chocolate and underlying light coffee notes.
  • Tasting Notes (Palate)
    Kahlúa coffee liqueur boasts the deep, rich flavour of real black coffee, roasted chestnut and indulgent sweet butter.
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