Where is the value? It’s here…

Some people say that the local liquor discounter always sells spirits for less, but we guarantee there are savings to be had. Read on and discover why.

01 September 2020

Tax free means more for me.


Alcohol is sold tax and duty free at the airport, because the tax is calculated based on alcohol percentage, you can make great savings on spirits.


So, if you’ve got an international trip coming up, why not stock up? Then you can sit back smugly, contemplating what to do with all that extra coin in your pocket! Make the most of your travel perks. Stock up on liquor and save


But I think I’ve seen lower prices in my local bottle-o?


Well, when it comes to comparing liquor prices, size matters. Bottle size, that is.

When you’re comparing prices, make sure you’re comparing like-for-like bottle sizes. Perth Duty Free bottles of spirits are usually 1L or 1.25L, while the most common size bottles you’ll see advertised in your local liquor store is 700ml.

So, although the price tags in your favourite bottle shop might seem lower at a glance, always remember to take bottle size into account.

When compared drop-for-drop, you’ll find duty free liquor value is very hard to beat.

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Got a trip coming up soon? Plan ahead.


Free-up more time before your flight by purchasing your favourite liquor online. That way, you can also compare prices and be sure you come out on top.

At checkout, simply nominate your preferred collection point at T1 International – departure or arrivals. Then on travel day, swing past and pick up your order.

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