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Stylo Contour Des Yeux 0.34g

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Stylo Contour des Yeux is a kohl eye liner pencil both long wearing and waterproof. Offering instant, intense bold colour, creating a vibrant waterline, cat eye, or complete eyeshadow across the lid is easy thanks to this versatile new tool. The formula and application Designed with freedom of expression in mind, Stylo Contour des Yeux is formulated with a creamy, soft texture that makes it as versatile as it is fun. Creating an effortless, gliding-on experience, the highly pigmented colour makes it suitable for lining all areas of the eye, so you can experiment and draw away to your heart’s content. The design and range Available in six bold shades ranging from black to blue, red to amethyst, Stylo Contour des Yeux is presented in a sleek nude pink tube with a gold-plated cap, the colour of the eye liner, and finished with Gucci lettering in gold.
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    Stylo Contour Des Yeux
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    Gucci Stylo Contour des Yeux – Kohl Eye Liner Pencil
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    Application tips by Thomas De Kluyver. As an eyeliner Using smooth strokes, draw a thin line across the upper lash line. With the eyes open looking straight ahead, extend the line a little beyond the end of the lashes, lifting it upwards towards the end of the brow. The angle should follow on from the angle of the lower waterline. Try not to let the line curl, but stay straight for the most flattering lifting affect. As an eyeshadow Warm up the product and then sweep a small fluffy brush over it. Move the brush in a windscreen wiper motion over the eyelids, working from the upper lash lines upwards over the crease of the eyes. Optional: Blend it underneath the eyes, working it into the lashes and blending down softly. Tip: work on one eye at a time and blend out quickly, as it will set and then be more difficult to soften out.
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    Make Up
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