Appleton Estate

Signature Blend

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Appleton Estate, deep in the middle of Jamaica’s Nassau Valley, began perfecting complex rum-making over 265 years ago. Surrounded by densely forested imestone hills, the region’s topography makes for a rum unlike any other. Crafted with Jamaican limestone-filtered water, Appleton Estate Signature has no added flavours. This is a blend of pot and column still rums aged for an average of 4 years. A beautiful harvest gold and amber colour appearance, with remarkable clarity and brilliance. Fruit forward expression with aromas and flavour notes of dried apricot, fresh peach and a subtle hint of sweet molasses. Best enjoyed with an easy mix cocktail such as a Jamaican Mule.
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    Signature Blend
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    Since 1749, from the heart of Jamaica. Distinct, complex, full-bodied flavour. Minimum and tropical ageing. From cane to cup, we manage the full production process.
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